Do you want to hear us? We don't sell records, but you can find clips from YouTube on the page "Se och hör". Some of them we made ourselves, some we have been given. Enjoy!

Welcome to Mäster Olofskören!

Dear guest,

well, autumn started as spring ended, the Corona virus still has a grip of the world and restrictions apply, especially so for choirs. We have tried to find ways of being able to sing together again - outdoor rehearsals to start with and then the plan is to meet in small groups, where the rest of the choir will listen in (and sing of course) from home.

We hope to be able to make more recordings like the one of "I folkviseton", one of our favourite songs. You find it on YouTube, there's a link on our "Se och hör" page!

We will also try to hold our traditional Christmas concerts, although this year they may be slightly un-traditional. Or, we may come up with something completely new, so watch this space for news!

Mäster Olofskören (The Master Olof Choir) was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1940. After a dormant period it was revived in 1984. The choir is based in Gamla Stan (The Old Town) in Stockholm, where we are linked to "Mäster Olofsgården", a centre for history, culture and performing arts.

The choir currently consists of around 40 singers, male and female, ranging in age from 25 to 60.  Musical leader of the group is Bo Tobiasson, formerly Senior Lecturer at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. The choir normally practice once every week,  with a break during summer, and also have one full day or weekend away each semester where we work intensely with singing technique and performance skills. Of course we also take the opportunity to have a party in the evening!


Choir practice is every Tuesday evening at 18.30 in Mäster Olofsgården, Gamla Stan. We come from many different backgrounds and occupational categories, but we have one thing in common; we work hard to achieve a good sound and a high quality performance. We focus on a good result, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Concerts and performances

Mäster Olofskören is a choir with high ambitions both technically and musically, and we always perform a capella and without sheet musics at concertsOur repertoire is very varied - Swedish and foreign, ranging from sacred works by Mendelssohn and Homilius to national romance, Swedish folklore, modern classics and even pop, such as Beatles and ABBA.

Mäster Olofskören on tour

Every now and then the choir goes "on tour" and travels abroad, mostly in Europe. Among the countries we have visited so far are Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Great Britain and many countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. During these tours we perform at many different venues - cathedrals, open air music festivals and concert halls. Or we just stop somewhere in the street and sing for passers-by...  

Apart from performing on stage we also have a lot of fun and adventures during our trips. We see new places, meet interesting people and bring back many memories that will last a long, long time.

Mäster Olofsgården - our home

Mäster Olofsgården has a wide range of activities aimed at all age groups. About 22 member associations with a total of 2,000 members have their meetings and activities in the house and the farm has study circles in collaboration with ABF and Sensus. There are also open-air activities such as kroki and a carpentry town. Cultural associations repeat and seminars and conferences are organized. There is also a café.

Mäster Olofsgården was founded in 1931, and since its inception, it has maintained a strong social commitment to issues relating to social problems. The purpose of the homestead is to strengthen the social and cultural cohesion of people of all ages. The homestead should be a platform for increased understanding between people of different social and cultural backgrounds.


Mäster Olofsgården also has a film school for young people , who write their own script, film, cut and edit. In collaboration with the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Mäster Olofsgården operates a music studio for youth in their teens. Young people receive an education in recording technology and are given the opportunity to act in front of an audience. The project is led by professional recording engineers.